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Mike's Happiness PPt Sample

Stephanie Danyi - Emotion vs Reason

Samantha Sherman- Leveraging Our Natural Curiosity For Learning

Paul Kelley- Embracing the near win

Brian Carpenter

Nicole Carbone - How to make learning more fun

Learning from our mistakes: by Jeremy Clothier

Critical Thinking: Do we need it and can we teach it - Sarah Heath

Taylor's Key to Success

Mike's PPt on Happiness

Creativity and Play- Brooke Mueller

Math Anxiety, Causes and Cures - Camille Johnson

Escaping Education's Death Valley

The Adolescent Brain--Rene Moser

Steve's PPT on Where Good Ideas Come From

Janet's Presentation

Amanda's Presentation

Kevin's presentation

Derek Presentation

Bobby's Short Point Show - Freakonomics - Why you should bribe your kids.

Bianchi, The Game That Can Give You Ten Extra Years of Life

Alexandra Harding - Think Like a Child

Caroline Burdick's Slide Show

Mischel's Marshmellows - Chaney Swiney

Michael Kaveney: For the Love of Numbers

Andrea Caulkins: The World Needs All Kinds of Minds

Chelsea Behymer - Toys from Trash for Learning (Arvind Gupta)

Andrew Ensslin's Short Point Show on the Mozart Effect