Music's effects on the Brain

I chose this topic because I love and play music so much, and I was wondering what was happening in my brain during it. I had heard that music does good things before doing this assignment and I also wanted to use that as a sort of selling tool as well to try to get people more involved with music.

The top 5 things I have learned are:
1. Music can make you happy
2. Playing music can help you remember things better
3. Playing music accesses many different parts of your brain that give it a full "work out" and higher functioning power
4. Playing music helps with nonverbal reasoning skills, which involve understanding and visualizing information
5. Music improves creativity

If you watch one video, the TEDed above would be my highest recommendation. It is very easy to understand with cute animations and it also gives a very convincing argument for music and all the things you never knew that it could do. 5/5

10 magical effects music has on the mind
Smile, smile, smile.This article gave a lot of positive information about how listening to music makes you happier, how playing music with people makes you more satisfied, and how it music therapy can treat medical injuries. I would give this article a 4/5, because it gave interesting information, was short, concise and gave good citations. I didn't give it a 5/5 because it was a little too dumbed-down in places and it didn't give enough depth at how things worked.

I liked this poster-type image about music and how it effects many different parts of the brain at the same time. It made me realize just how many different things form different parts of the brain are happening at the same time. 5/5

Focus with music
This was an interesting article that looked at a study of how your brain works specifically between movements. It was probably more interesting to me and other music lovers because of how specific it was. 3/5

8 surprising ways music effects and benefits your brain
Even though this was a blog, which aren't known for their academic information, I found the topics very up-to-date and interesting. Like: Music improves creativity, our work out routines and visual attention. 5/5

npr: this is your brain on music
If you don't have time to read articles or watch videos, then perhaps a radio show on npr is what you need! 4/5

music and the brain

This article was alright but very wordy. It talked about memory as it's linked to the brain as well as music's effects on plants and animals. 3/5

how music affects your brain
This was a good article about the many benefits of music. All of it was mentioned in the first video link that I set up though. 4/5