Paivio's Dual Coding- dual coding theory

One minute power point

Why? This topic.
I decided to look at dual coding theory for my wiki because I have always needed presentations to be interesting in order to pay attention. I liked the research and how it looks at multiple ways to present information. I also thought it would be useful to understand this theory as most of the information I found on my initial search talked about the use of this theory in promoting information recall. As a teacher I want students to remember the information that I present to them.

Top 5 Things I learned making this wiki

1.The brain is better able to learn when presented information in multiple ways. Using visual and auditory information improve our ability remember and learn information.
2. Researchers found that when information relates to pictures the information is easier to learn.
3. Pictures and auditory information must relate to best improve memorization of information.
4. Dual coding theories applications span from school to business and are even unconsciously used.
5. I learned a lot about working with research tools and design implements for the wiki. I also discovered many sites and information sources to help with future lesson planning and research.

If you only look at one part of this Wiki- Resources one or three depending on time. - These give the most in depth look at the theory and explain its use in different ways. The first one is a video and is easier and less time consuming to work with. The second is a lengthy article that goes into great detail about the subject written by Paivio on his research. The video is a good explanation of the concept and provides excellent information.

Resources One-
This video does a good job of outlining and explaining dual coding theory. I think it is an excellent representation of the idea and is a must see for anyone wanting to learn about Dual coding.
Rating 5/5

Resource Two-
This Youtube video is an extremely simple video of this concept broken down using basic Illustrations. I enjoyed this video because it gives a very simple explanation of the basic concepts of Pavio's dual coding theory. Also by using the white board drawing concept the video uses a popular tool to display the information. Some downsides of the video are that it definitely is a very short representation of the concept. Also the video does not dive deeply into the concept of the theory. Overall this is a nice overview that gives a basic understanding.

Rating 4/5

Resource Three-
This is an extremely detailed and precise report and presentation of Dual coding theory done by Pavio himself. This source is long talks about a range of uses and designs for coding. Some include research and his results in projects. Overall this is the most detailed source about dual coding.
Rating 5/5

Resource Four-
This slide share project does an excellent job of displaying dual coding theories. This slideshow uses the theory and displays information very well and is easy to follow. Overall it is one of the best representations of the theory I have found.
Rating 5/5

Resource Five-
This is a website link that talks about dual coding from a business and ideal perspective. This is a outside view of the theory and talks about it mostly from its use in providing recall for product or business related imagery. There are still some very useful information and it is a very interesting view of the theories use. Rating 3/5

Resource Six-
This is another slide share discussing dual coding that also does a good job of showing dual code theory. It uses good descriptions and describes the theory very well. However, it ignores the theory and uses to many blocks of text and very few pictures.
Rating 3/5

Resource Seven-
This website is a link to a Stanford Imagery and dual coding article. This article discusses multiple parts of Coding and discusses its value in higher education. It takes a broad view and looks at multiple coding elements and not just dual coding theory. The information however is extremely useful and provides a good detailed aspect of the theory.
Rating 3/5

Resource Eight-
This resource talks about dual coding theory in relation to literacy. This talks about a use of dual coding and ideas on how to use it. This gets a 3 rating because it goes slightly off topic from just the theory.
Rating 3/5